Hi .. I am Maz. Owner and designer of POPPING PIXELS

I wish you & all the pets a wonderful Christmas and a better New Year.

Hi .. I’m Maz, Business owner, website Designer, & Online Marketer of


I have been designing and marketing websites for over 20 years. I love what I do, & I love business owners loving the sites

I create for them. I also love helping business people such as yourself to have a modern, unique and uncomplicated website, that tells about what you do even when you are asleep.

I design sites that are visually appealing, easy to navigate, Search Engine Optimised (You can have your business shown to people who search Google looking for exactly what you do), and secure from external threats.

I offer a site updating and monitoring service for a high-value low-cost, peace of mind price, that is easy to budget for and of high value. Want to talk to me about how we can help your business grow? Simply click on the phone icon below, or use the contact form. I look forward to helping you.


We use your existing business colours and logo then design your site with this continuity designed throughout the entire website. Your visitors get to know like and trust your site because we brand every detail for you.

web design

It is our passion for easy to design easy to navigate, modern cleanly designed websites for our clients. We don’t design a site to just look good, we design it with SEO in mind, so your site gets visitors from Google searches.


We have to take site security seriously as websites that are not adequately secured, get hacked and targeted for denial of service. These are serious threats and happen to all websites every minute of every day. We use the latest technology and what we consider to be the best security. possible for all websites.

Website Design
We design your website to reflect your business, values and message. We incorporate SEO to get Google to show your business to potential customers. This translates to . .. so your site can be found.
Branding & Logo
Some businesses need a new look or branding. We can also help you out there with help from one of our talented graphic designers. Costing between $60 $150 depending on the complexity.
Content Strategy
This means that we gather your site’s information and then present it in a way that is recognised by the Search Engines, so your site show up in searches and also ensure that it is very easy for visitors to navigate.
Built From Scratch
We don’t use generic templates as you might see in online website builders. We feel very strongly about making your site unique and to represent your product or service in a modern logical website.
Choose a Premade Template
We have designed many websites over the years and have found that some business people need to actually see examples of what the site could look like, or might want a style they like. Not to worry, we can mix and match these aspects to suit your new site.
Maintenance & Updates
We also offer a daily monitoring and update service for a low monthly maintenance fee. This ensures the security is up to scratch and working to protect your site from downtime and hacks. We update your site on a regular basis and monitor for hack attempts and other security breaches. We also update the site as WP updates are offered. These updates ensure your site stays up and running and hassle-free. Pricing starts at  $60 p/month.



We meet and discuss the purpose of your website,so we get a good understanding of what your site needs to do for you.


We then work out an appealing design that best portrays your business content in the best possible way .


We then show you what we have worked out for you, and we ask for your input so it totally suits your business needs.


We then create the site for you, put security in place, and upload it to your domain, test it and show it to you live.


14 + 13 =

We design sites FREE OF CHARGE  for ALL animal rescue sites and non-profits that are animal related. If contacting us re a non-profit website, please be sure to include that info in your message to us.


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